Our Approach

In this era of healthcare reform, sustaining financial and operational performance through traditional methods of increased volume and supply cost reduction are no longer adequate. The overall rate of growth for healthcare spending is slowing, requiring healthcare providers to significantly reduce their overall cost of care delivery. As healthcare providers are seeking strategies for near and long-term action, MedAssets offers a proven approach for sustainability.


Our approach

A pragmatic path for sustainable financial, operational and clinical performance improvement

Our holistic approach to helping healthcare organizations improve revenue, performance and care delivery combines cost and clinical resource management, purchasing, and revenue cycle solutions, change management consulting, embedded management and process improvement services, and data and analytics tools. We help our clients to progress beyond cost containment to optimize operations, improve overall viability and enable sustainable quality care delivery.

We understand the unique needs of each client, and our solutions are tailored to the client’s strategic plan and market and organizational dynamics. Our client engagement process includes data analysis, opportunity quantification and collaboration with client teams and organizations. We employ change, Lean process improvement and governance methodologies to drive and sustain change, and the expertise, best practice processes, technology and analytics to position your organization for sustainable performance. 

  • Gain data-driven insights and solutions for informed changes to drive total cost reduction, financial optimization and clinical delivery alignment and efficiency. 
  • Improve performance today and prepare for tomorrow’s uncertainty through initiatives that create a new structure for sustainable cost, clinical operation and revenue improvement.
  • Achieve significant improvement to operating margins in a short, defined timeframe. Our solutions encompass cost reduction, utilization improvement and revenue improvements. 
  • Benefit from analytics, evidence-based technologies and advisory services with a proven 15-year track record.