Compliance and Reference Solutions

With MedAssets Compliance and Reference Solutions, payors, healthcare IT vendors and health systems are able to leverage timely billing, coding and regulatory information, as well as coding and compliance content and pricing in order to improve payment accuracy and overall business process efficiency.

Coding and Compliance Content and Pricing for Business-to-Business Integration

Application-to-application communication has presented challenges for businesses to maintain operational efficiency. MedAssets Integrated Code Check provides the code verification and claim editing capabilities found in its KnowledgeSource solution. Integrated Code Check is designed for organizations looking to integrate one or more of these functions into their internal systems via an industry-standard method of interoperability between software applications running on a variety of platforms and frameworks.

Products and Services

Integrated Code Check

Access comprehensive coding and compliance content, all major code bundling and edit checks, and KnowledgeSource billing and coding research tools. This solution can easily integrate content into existing systems.

Solutions can be delivered in a variety of methods depending upon client need:

• Web Services: Web-based delivery of content via Extensible Markup Language (XML) which promotes application interoperability and extensibility.
• Virtual Appliance: Provides access to the same data used to power Web Services offerings, plus the additional benefits of improved response time and in-house control and processing of claims. Updates are provided regularly, providing peace of mind knowing that access to the latest compliance content and edits is available without having to facilitate a data transfer.

Via these delivery methods, you get all the content related to:

• National Correct-Coding Initiative (CCI) code edits
• Local-coverage determinations (LCDs)
• National-coverage determinations (NCDs)
• Age edits
• Gender edits
• Modifier edits
• Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) edits