Engage clinicians for improvements in utilization and patient satisfaction.

Align your clinical delivery.

Achieving optimal care at optimal cost requires implementing and adhering to best practice clinical processes. By engaging MedAssets, you gain professional experts, data-driven methodologies, technology and tools to achieve clinical and cost integration. We analyze your financial and clinical data to deliver actionable insights to help your organization define, implement and adhere to clinical processes and standards that lead to sustainable improvements in clinical resource utilization, physician practice variations and other non-labor expense. Tailored solutions align resource management for emerging reimbursement models and improve overall clinical process from admission to discharge to the post-acute setting.

Solutions to align clinical outcomes and financial performance:

Which patient episode represents the highest
number of claims?

Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease at 11.5 percent. The 500,000 episodes between 2010 and 2012 totaled nearly $1 billion in allowed payments. Not only is MedAssets able to help your organization analyze, implement and manage all CMS bundled payment initiatives, it supports several other episode-based payment methodologies and can model currently up to 105 episode definitions. Learn more about our end-to-end analytic capabilities.

*MedAssets proprietary aggregated data, collected from fourth quarter 2010 through the fourth quarter 2012. The data includes episodes processed in provisional, management, concluded, and terminated statuses at the end of each year. The total allowed payment data was calculated based on episodes in management and concluded statuses.