Revenue Cycle Performance Solutions

Making sure that your organization has the processes, tools and skills to optimize your revenue cycle performance is a critical imperative for financial performance. Whether your challenge is functional or comprehensive, successful revenue cycle performance initiatives need to be cost effective and are best when delivered through a single-point of accountability for integrated consulting, technology and services. 

Optimized revenue and efficiency through process improvement and specialized consulting services

MedAssets Revenue Cycle Performance Solutions have been proven to drive improvement in operational efficiency, reducing the total cost to collect by 10 percent, and increasing net revenue improvement by up to five percent. Our revenue cycle experts begin with assessing a provider’s operational environment to identify areas for improvement and implement recommendations based on unique business and resource needs. 

  • Sustain best practice financial performance with service-enabled revenue cycle technology and consulting 
  • Develop and implements effective processes, tools and services to prepare for and through a successful ICD-10 transition
  • Adopt tailored solutions for health information management and patient financial services 
  • Drive significant cost-reductions and best practice process improvements, while obtaining optimum visibility across the entire revenue cycle

Products and Services

ICD-10 Readiness Services

Develop and implement effective processes, tools and training to help prepare for a successful ICD-10 transition, and beyond. Ensure sustainable ICD-10 compliance with a comprehensive phased approach — assessment, remediation, testing and pre and post go-live support, combined with on-going training and education, configured for all levels of staffing.

Revenue Performance Improvement Consulting

Identify opportunities for improved revenue cycle performance by designing and implementing financial and operational improvement plans based on quantified return-on –investment opportunities. This approach provides comprehensive analysis of overall revenue cycle activities to help identify, track and quantify key performance indicators against industry best practice standards. Gain results by incorporating redesigned workflow and processes, optimized staffing and enhanced utilization of technology. Implementations are tailored to each client’s unique environment.