Connect the
dots between
cost, utilization
and outcomes.

Reduce your total cost of care.

Improving the standard of care begins with establishing a sustainable cost structure. MedAssets offers solutions that streamline operations and reduce primary cost drivers. Supply chain expertise, national purchasing volume, infrastructure and technology come together to provide a tailored solution for industry-leading pricing, better insight, control and capabilities to achieve—and surpass—best-in-class cost management. We understand the complex interdependencies between price, resource utilization and care quality to help providers achieve a clinically-integrated supply chain strategy that delivers measurable results.

Solutions to drive sustainable cost reduction:

How accurate are your procurement processes?

Best practice for accuracy is 91 percent. The national average for provider performance is below 50 percent. As one of the nation's largest third-party providers of hospital supply chain management services, MedAssets can help your facility optimize procurement accuracy.

To learn more about our exclusive National Procurement Center, watch this video.