Cost Analytics

Health systems often lack the data and insight to monitor the cost of supplies in real-time and facilitate proactive cost control. Better transparency is needed into current performance and contract compliance to better address areas for additional cost reductions.

Analyze cost reduction opportunities for greater savings and financial viability

MedAssets Cost Analytics deliver business intelligence into your total cost of care and opportunities for cost reduction in your supply chain. These Web-based tools aid your business decisions and improve managing budgets, costs, third-party payor contracts and more for both drug purchases and medical/surgical supplies.  You gain capabilities to optimize supply chain contract utilization and better predict, identify and correct business issues more quickly within your care environment. 

Products and Services

Pharmacy Analytics

Gain deep insight into pharmacy spend through a business intelligence tool that leverages daily price feeds from pharmacy wholesalers and provides analyst support to produce actionable pharmacy spend analytics, increased efficiency and significant cost savings. A portal and dashboard view provides on-demand access to spend data to help identify pricing discrepancy and cost savings opportunities across your organization.

Spend Analytics

Improve your supply chain management with a business intelligence tool. We offer a full-range of online, accessible spend, comparative, predictive and advanced analytics to support cost-reduction initiatives and improve contract negotiations. You gain easy access to supply chain spend by functional category, contract, non-contract, supplier, etc. and more with minimal impact to your existing technology infrastructure, along with a high degree of flexibility.